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A sports arm belt that can play music. It is safe and practical, and makes sports more fun.


Music, as the best partner of outdoor sports, is loved by many sports experts, but it is not only cumbersome to go out with mobile phones, but also easy to be damaged or lost in loose pockets. Usually, there are also friends who are used to wearing headphones when they exercise. In the environment of cycling or non-dedicated track running, there are also some potential safety hazards.
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The MDpace motion acoustics arm band uses a detachable design. Bluetooth acoustics can be separated from the arm band. When used, it is fixed by magic sticker and button press, which facilitates the operation of charging the sound or cleaning the arm band separately. Of course, the two parts can also be separated and used independently.

For athletes, comfort and convenience are the first factors of choice. The inner side of the arm strap is made of double-sided Lycra fabric. While ensuring breathability and sweat, the material is very soft, elastic and will not be deformed. The front side is made of camouflage canvas with youth style and warning fluorescent belt is designed. In the night, users can provide additional security.

The mobile phone is inserted through the inner opening of the arm strap and provides a guard. It can not be removed without releasing the arm strap. It can effectively prevent the mobile phone from sliding or being stolen. It also provides a certain waterproof effect. It does not need to worry about the mobile phone being wet in light rainy days. This arm strap can be placed in a phone of less than 143.6*70.9 mm size. All non-Plus mobile phones can be used for the iPhone. I personally tested that the size of the iPhone X is just right and fits perfectly. But for users of large-size phones such as the iPhone Plus, it's a pity that they can't be loaded into the phone, so it would be better if the manufacturer could provide a large-size version.

The outside of the screen is made of soft and transparent PVC material. Touch screen can also be used normally, but Touch ID and Face ID of Apple can not be used normally. They can only unlock the phone by entering a password.

A key bag is also designed beside the cell phone slot, which can be incorporated into a single key to prevent loss.

The binding of the arm strap is also accomplished by magic stickers. The double-hole design can be adapted to different thicknesses of the arm, even if wearing a coat, it can be firmly bound, so it is not a problem to wear and use all the year round.

Bluetooth audio has the characteristics of light and ultra-thin. Only 70g body weight (including full arm belt weight of about 140 g) is equipped with 530 mA battery capacity. It can play continuously for about 4-5 hours after charging for one hour. It meets the needs of daily sports. Two 10W speakers constitute a stereo unit. Although small in stature, they have huge energy and are noisy. The environment can also be clearly played.
Built-in low power Bluetooth 4.0 chip, compatible with the vast majority of mobile phones and other digital products on the market, 10 meters of effective connection range is enough to use. There are three keys in the control area on the left side of the sound, which are convenient for users to control in the process of movement. Some basic operations can be accomplished through these three keys: for example, the middle power key can adjust the volume by pressing the switch device long, the upper and lower keys by pressing short; for playing music, the power key can play/temporarily by pressing short. Stop, press two keys long to switch up/down; when a phone comes in, the audio will broadcast the call number in English, press the power button short to answer, press hang up again, press three seconds long to refuse to answer. Daily simple operations are covered, basically no longer through touch screen operation in the process of use, in addition to the test by holding down the power supply for about 3 seconds can also wake up the IRI of the iPhone to achieve more operations.

The sound side includes power indicator, microphone hole and MicroUSB charging port. In the actual experience process, the contrast of the two speakers'small stature and super-high playback power is impressive. Limited to the size factor, the bass dive of the speaker is weaker than that of the high-end Bluetooth speaker, but the high playback power and good sound quality are better than that of the mobile phone speaker. It can also add passion.

MDpace Sports Audio Arm with youthful appearance design and practical music playing and hands-free call effect, is the highlight of the individual, its more than one hundred crowdsourcing prices are very close to the people, regardless of the safety of the process of sports or from the point of view of the health of the ear are good choices, of course, this product is not only the product. Limited to the use of sports, work, home or embracing children and other scenes can play its role, with this audio arm strap from now on can be lightly loaded into battle, enjoy more fun in life.
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